Thank You Messages

Here are some of the many notes of thanks we’ve received for events run by the PCPA and items and programs funded by the Grant Program. These notes highlight the significant and positive impact the PCPA has made on Pond Cove students, teachers and staff.

Art Included at the PMA Art MonthThank you for granting the funds so that Pond Cove will be represented at the Portland Museum of Art during Youth Art Month. [The student’s] artwork will be on display at the museum from Tuesday, Feb 28th through Sunday, April 1st. I hope that you have the opportunity to see the show. I have enclosed a photograph of the artwork [right] for you to see…Thank you for all that you do.

Best, Maryjane Johnston



Thank you so much for getting our wonderful incubators! They are just what we hoped for and we know the kids will be excited to view the whole development of the chicks. We really appreciate your generous contribution to our beloved science unit!

with thanks, The Kindergarten Team



Thank you very much for donating the books to my classroom library! What a generous gift. I appreciate all that you do for the staff and students at Pond Cove.

Thank you, Heather Geikie, 4th Grade



I cannot thank you enough for your generosity in supporting the grant for our work with Stan Davis. I feel privileged to work with such caring and committed parents. As I spoke with you about the work we hope to do to improve our school climate, I felt a shared passion for this school and the children in it.
Your words of support and willingness to be be involved are vital to this effort. I am so excited to continue to work with you and get parental feedback as the process continues. If any questions come up about our work with Stan Davis and the long-term plan to create consistent expectations and consequences, please let me know.
Again, thank you so much for your support and for allowing me to see your work in action. I am so impressed with all you do support our school and students!

Warmly, Bri Gallagher, school counselor



…Today two members of the PCPA dropped off a bag with books from my wishlist that were purchased by the PCPA. I wish the two kind women who dropped off the books had stayed and saw the excitement in my students faces when they received their books. It truly made their day and brought so much happiness to our little kiddos. I wanted to thank each and every one of you who spend time during their day working with and for the PCPA. Thanks so much for all that you do and please know that you all played a part in putting a lot of joy and elation into 3 students who really needed it.

Jon Delisle, the K-8 Choices/Social Cognitive Teacher



Thank you for making it possible for us to have Istar the Whale visit from the Children’s Museum. The whale was awesome! We loved learning all about Istar and going inside her. It was really dark inside and really fun!

We learned that Istar is a real humpback whale that visited the coast of Maine many times. She is a baleen whale which means she doesn’t have teeth and she uses her baleen to strain her food like plankton and krill. Istar had 10 babies and of her babies had eight more babies so she is a grandmother. We also learned whales slap their tails and breach to get bugs off of them. Whiles like to spyhop too!

Thanks for much for letting us see Istar!
From, Mrs. Dow’s First Grade Class



Please express my gratitude to all the PCPA volunteers for the lovely events of the [2010 Teacher Appreciation Week]. Each day brought a new surprise. The magazine subscriptions will mean we will all remember this week throughout the year. I love my eco-bag and the luncheon was fabulous.

Thank you for all your thoughtfulness and for all the support your group provides to the school.

Pam Vose
PC Social Worker



Thank you for granting us the $300 for the Fiction Mentor texts. We appreciate all you do for us and the Pond Cove students.

Thank you!
Tara Bucci, Erik Nielsen, Ingrid Stressenger, Susan Michaud, Christine Tweedie
4th Grade Team



I’m sitting at my desk exhausted yet smiling after another successful Arts Day! I wanted to take a minute to thank you for continuing to support this special day. It’s wonderful to dedicate a whole to creativity and the arts. The amount of work this must entail is huge, but I wanted you to know how very much it’s appreciated!

Lynn Spadinger



Thank you for your generous library support! Your book fair donation will help us update animal and state/country books that are 10-20 years old! We also managed to order some other titles that are sure to be enjoyed.

Thank you!
Chris Bulsa-O’Meara (a.k.a. Ms. B.)
PC Media Center



Thank you very much for your generous mini-grant approval. The mentors will be thrilled to receive a well-deserved “treat” at Kettle Cove Dairy & Take-out!

The mentors have given a number of students at Pond Cove and the Middle School meaningful academic and/or social/emotional support once a week for 45 minutes. They’ve made a significant difference in the lives of these students!

Thank you for supporting the mentors.

Gail Schmader
Volunteer Coordinator