Approved Grants

Following is a list of grants that have been approved for the 2011-2012 school year:

  • $2,100 requested by Cameron Rosenblum (media specialist) for a visiting author (Grace Lin) for grades K-4
  • $195 for a yearlong subscription to BrainPop! (Internet-based learning) for the 4th grade
  • $135 for registration fee for Odyssey of the Mind program for grades K-4
  • $360 for Maine Studies Weekly newspaper for the 4th grade
  • $275 for Mrs. Spadinger's 2nd grade class to attend a sensory writing program at The Telling Room

Following is a list of grants that were approved for the 2010-2011 school year:

  • $1175 Supplies for the 1st grade to make shadow boxes featuring items from Maine beaches.
  • $300 Contribution to Istar the Whale's visit to the 1st grade
  • $300 Contribution to Mr. & Mrs. Fish's visit to the Kindergarten
  • $444 Commemorative Plates focusing on the history of the State of Maine incorporating social studies, writing and art for three 4th grade classrooms
  • $1,500 "Wee Needs" grant – to pay for needed classroom supplies, such as tissues, markers, pencils, etc.
  • $309 Additional funding for the 4th grade Visiting Artist program
  • $1,200 Day-long visit from Stan Davis, a nationally reknowned counselor, who met with students, faculty and parents regarding school climate, specifically peer aggression and bullying (requested by Bri Gallagher – school counselor)
  • $358 Additional funding for the Kindergarten Visiting Artist program
  • $60 Matting and framing of artwork to be displayed at the Portland Museum of Art (requested by Maryjane Johnson, PC Art teacher)
  • $231 Disposable cameras, photopaper, and film processing for a writing/photo essay project for Linda Taylor's 4th grade class (Tara Bucci's long-term substitute)
  • $60 Scholastic minibooks and printables for the 1st grade
  • $150 for motivational pencils for Mr. Shields
  • $913 for two incubators for Foss science unit for the Kindergarten
  • $135 for registration fee for Odyssey of the Mind program for grades K-4
  • $150 for 2 Flip Video Cameras for the 4th Grade Team
  • $5,100 for the Math Masters Program for 3rd & 4th grade