PCPA In School

PCPA Grants

The PCPA funds various programs and activities to enrich our school and the learning experience for our students – as well as to provide teachers with extra resources and opportunities that don’t fit into the regular school budget. The PCPA typically awards over $10,000 per school year in grants and other funding.

Some examples of PCPA funded initiatives in recent years include:

  • Ladibug document cameras
  • Gaga ball pit

Supporting In-School Programs

In addition to our enrichment grants, the PCPA provides volunteers, funding, and other support for the following school programs and events:

  • 4th Grade Celebration
  • Arts Day
  • Field Days
  • Scholastic Book Fair
  • Visiting Artist & Author Programs

Supporting Teachers and Staff

Our school would not be what it is without our wonderful teachers and staff. During the school year the PCPA facilitates teacher appreciation events, organizes room parents for each classroom, assists with Kindergarten screening, and funds our teachers’ access to Ruth’s Reusable Resources.