Box Tops for Education


Click to download the 25 box tops collection sheet 


Box Tops for Education brings in over $2200 for the 2013-2014 school year thanks to Pond Cove students diligent collecting efforts, thanks so much for participating in this very easy way to earn $ for our school, those ten cent coupons and bonus coupons found on many grocery items really add up!! All money earned through Box Tops goes to the PCPA to be used toward grants.



The Box Tops for Education Program is one of our most successful fundraisers. We ask families to collect the 10¢ Box Top coupons found on the packages of products you buy at the grocery store (such as Cheerios, Betty Crocker, Juicy Juice, Ziploc, Kleenex and Hefty). The grade that collects the most Box Tops for the year wins a prize.

To submit your Box Tops, you will find a Box Tops collection bin just outside the kindergarten wing in the Pond Cove lobby. There are also bins at the IGA, the Community Center, the Transfer Station Swap Shop, the Thomas Memorial Library, and the Middle School lobby. Look for Box Tops collection sheets in your kids’ folders (or click on the previous link to download a PDF).

The Box Tops for Education website lists all products participating in the Box Tops program.

In addition to collecting Box Tops, you can support the program by siging up on the Box Tops website and shopping at the Box Tops Marketplace or Reading Room. A percentage of the purchase will go toward the Pond Cove fundraising effort.


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Every time you shop online use the Box Tops Marketplace and a percentage of your purchase will go toward our school. Over 100 retailers to choose from for all your shopping needs. If everyone uses this venue for their online shopping needs our BT #’s will be taken to a new level.

Go to the Box Tops Marketplace and start shopping today! Click here for a list of participating Marketplace vendors.